Sing to the Lord!


A few days ago I went to the home improvement store to get nails for my nail gun. Those nails are somewhat expensive but I wanted to have some on hand. After selecting the nails I was again thinking about the cost as I made my way to the checkout counter.
At the first counter, the cashier was on the phone with a customer and told me that "it might take a while; I should go to another register." At the second counter, the customer couldn't decide about something. I start thinking this is a sign that I shouldn't be buying these nails.
Nevertheless, I move over to the self-checkout station. The machine has a sign on it: "No Cash Transactions." I was ready to scream! I scanned my nails, swiped my card, and waited for the receipt. Only then did I finally realize what was going on. Right there, sticking out of the machine, were some cash dollars and loose coins in the cup. Someone before me had forgotten to take their change.
At my Cursillo weekend in 2013, one of the speakers told how God would drag him into a situation that He wanted him to be in. No matter how hard he tried to get away from it, God kept putting him where God wanted him to be. I now have a better understanding of what he was talking about.
I believe that people in Cursillo know how to get close to God. And they know how to help others get closer to God too. I am glad for the friends I have made through Cursillo.
Hank Porvaznik
St. Monica's Parish, Atlantic City, NJ

My experience at a Cursillo weekend
Several years ago I went to a Cursillo weekend. At that time I was involved in a relationship that kept me worried and bound. I was not
happy but I thought there was no much I could do, At the weekend we had a special time at in front of the Blessed Sacrament. I was instructed to leave my burdens there. I actually listen and did just that. I felt free and light. My joy returned to me. I realized that the relation I was involved was not for me and I felt free and empowered to say no to it. The whole weekend experience was a little of heaven on earth.

Eduardo Flores
St. Bridget University Parish, Glassboro, NJ

Cursillo is what has put me on the path to the Diaconate and has led me to a closer walk with Jesus. Anyone looking to deepen their relationship with God, wants to learn to share with others about God working in their lives, and finally those willing to bring Jesus into the world should consider joining the Cursillo Movement.  DeColores             

Deacon Dr. Bill DeLiberis
Assistant Spiritual Advisor Cursillo
Diocese of Camden

De Colores! I attended Cursillo during a period in my life of intense personal discovery, and the Cursillo weekend became an integral part of that process. For me, personal discovery is a life-long never-ending journey. The Fourth Day keeps me grounded in that journey, never lets me wander too far, and helps me continue to grow in my life and faith. 

Debbie Ayars
Divine Mercy Parish, Vineland, NJ

I made my Cursillo weekend in the fall of 2002. This "small course in Christianity" has taught me how to have a closer walk with God. It was truly amazing how those men who worked that weekend were filled with the Holy Spirit to serve God in Strengthening my faith.  One man stood tall among the rest even though he was short in stature.  Father Mal opened my heart to seek His presence, discern His word and bring others closer to God. I'm Sure he's sharing some funny stories with the saints.  God rest his soul.  

Jeff Zeck
 Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish, Newfield, NJ

While on my weekend I remember feeling the Lord's touch with each new experience. His arms embraced me so that I felt that things could not get much better. I was wrong!  It's been almost 20 years and I still feel  *"God hugs"* through, and with, my sisters and brothers-in-Christ. My Cursillo family is always near, praying with me, encouraging me, and loving me, unconditionally...being Jesus to all they meet. *That* is the Cursillo Movement in action!  Gods blessings to you all,

Susan Campbell
Parish of St. John Neumann, N. Cape May

Cursillo is a way for me to witness my faith in so many ways.  It is an experience of living within a truly Catholic Culture in a Secular World.

Sr. Mary Paul, D.M.
Villa Rossello Covent, Vineland NJ

I made my Cursillo in the Fall of 1975.  Through the Cursillo movement, I have met Jesus.  He is my personal Savior.  I learned how to lean on Him in times of trouble and to thank Him when prayers are answered.  My life would be empty without Jesus as an integral part of it.

Diane Claypoole
Our Lady of Guadalupe, Lindenwold, NJ

The Cursillo movement has changed my life, as a Christian, to be open to His Word and strengthen one another as iron sharpens iron.  The Cursillo movement has allowed me to grow and be a fisher of Men for Christ.

Mark Morales
Divine Mercy Parish, Vineland, NJ

South Jersey Cursillo made my God a living, breathing, and flesh personal relationship.  My family has grown with my fellow brothers & sisters in Christ.  My Cursillo journey is a constant growth, thank you Jesus.  Love, Louis.

Louis Rios Jr
Mary Mother of Mercy, Glassboro, NJ

I feel I truly found my Lord on my weekend in 1993 and he has been teaching me ever since.

Tom Vassallo
Divine Mercy Parish, Vineland, NJ

The Cursillo Movement has been a source of comfort and a closer walk with Christ.   My Cursillo brothers & sisters were a great help and comfort during my husbands illness and death.  The Lord's love shown through each and everyone of them.  Cursillo has helped me see Christ in everyone no matter where they are in life - we are God's children.  God is love!!

Dorothy Rios
Mary Mother of Mercy, Glassboro, NJ

Praise God!  I found a community of lovers of my God!  It's great to share faith with like minded people.  God is so good and everyone here knows it and isn't afraid to proclaim it.

Laureen Sparacio
Catholic Community of the Holy Spirit, Mullica Hill, NJ

The Palanca was quite an emotional gift.  It was hard to picture all those people had prayed & made sacrifices for me.  It showed me how powerful prayer is.

Kate Sanderson
Catholic Community of the Holy Spirit, Mullica Hill, NJ 

Since I made my weekend 16 years ago, I have never stopped feeling the love, support and friendship of my Cursillo brothers and sisters.  Their love & prayers are always with me and mine with them.  Praise God!!

Pat Mann
St. Bridget's, Glassboro, NJ

Because of Cursillo, I group every week with committed Catholic men.  In addition, I have many Catholic friends & acquaintances.

Richard Bakley
St Peter's, Merchantville, NJ

My husband, Jim, and I were involved with marriage encounter.  We even teamed some weekends.  Our community was amazing - so many brothers & sisters we loved.  When Jim died, I was no longer a "couple" at out meetings we dialogued.  My community was still full of my friends but I lost ability from myself and the character of our gatherings as a single.  A friend, single friend from St. Andrew's singles urged me to consider a Cursillo weekend.  I did.  What I found from the weekend was that God saw my loneliness for a community and introduced me to my new sisters & brothers.  I was & am so grateful.

Pat Paul Bakley
St Peter's, Merchantville, NJ

The weekend was the beginning - a life change, a new start.  I was astounded by the love of Jesus that I found on this weekend.  This love I did not feel worthy of in the beginning.  By the end of this event is when I knew it was / had been definitely intended for me and the other women there.  But not only did I find the love of Jesus Christ on this weekend but is was also the beginning of a healing process for me.  Thank you Jesus!!

Colleen Mayhew
St Joseph the Worker, Haddon Twp, NJ

When I made my Cursillo weekend, I became born again.  I'm happy to say that I have a personal relationship with Jesus!  Cursillo has been my life for the last 30 years.  I've worked many Cursillo weekends, and blessed serving in prison ministry.  This journey has been kept together by many Ultreya's and Group Reunion's!  Thank You Jesus for all your love and many many blessings.  You brother in Christ.

Jerry Velazquez, Sr.
Vineland, NJ